Hi I’m Lucy and the very proud owner of Urban Yoga. I am originally from England but have been living here since November 2018. I am a full time yoga instructor, previous professional dancer, adventurer and very passionate about living life to the full.

Yoga is a big part of my daily life, not just the physical asana but the benefits of the mind and the soul too.

Yoga has brought so much to my life, physically, mentally and spiritually and it is my passion to share this and to help people grow into the best version of themselves.

My classes are all about giving YOU the opportunity to open your mind and body to a new challenge. Building strength but balanced with flexibility. Providing an environment for individuals of all abilities to grow their practise physically and mentally. But most importantly encouraging people to live a healthier and happier life.

Vinyasa Flow – A movement based class linked with breath. Helping you build strength but to also enhance your flexibility. A playful class which is different every time. Landing with meditation at the end.

Advanced Vinyasa – This class is a very challenging strength based class. It is designed to push your Vinyasa flow to the next level but consciously thinking about breath to deepen your postures.

Yin Yang Flow – The balancing of your Yin and Yang. The calm mixed with the fire. In this class you can also expect a movement based class however it is slower paced than a typical Vinaysa as we concentrate deeper into the postures whilst having a demanding concentration on our breath.

Slow flow & Stretch – A slow paced class but with a little movement to enable some warmth to our muscles to be able to get deeper into our stretches. This class will help you ease tensions, joint pain and improve mobility

Lucy Marshall träffar du på följande kurser och klasser:

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Yin Yang Flow
  • Slow Flow & Stretch
  • Friday Feeling Flow

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